Death Is Part Of Life

Robert Mazak
5 min readNov 11, 2023

Recently I met someone who has truly started down the journey of enlightenment, and we have had some very awesome conversations. Recently they lost a close friend in a vehicle accident, and they were really questioning how to handle death. Having someone that you have a good relationship with suddenly die can really create chaos in your mind and cause someone to question their reality. Great amounts of doubt and questions begin to surround your thoughts, especially when the person they lost was such a good person.

Why does God allow good people to die early in life?

Why is it that some of the worst people get to live long lives?

What is the purpose of life if it can simply be taken away in an instant?

What is the point of planning and evolving as human beings if we are only going to die in the end?

Anger, sadness, and doubt are very real when someone you know and love dies, and you should allow yourself to go and grow through these emotions. The hard part is to keep these emotions from becoming a life sentence — after all, having a life is a very big blessing and we should strive to remember that we must continue our path, even when others are no longer walking with us; we are all on our own journey, no matter who we relate to. Life and death are not disconnected from each other, just like the problem and solution are not separate; through death, new growth occurs, and we can witness this through the process of natural laws. We generally accept that trees will have all their leaves die off each fall, only to come back again bigger and stronger in the spring — why is that any different for us as souls having a life experience? No matter where you look, death and life are connected and it is my belief that we go on after each life experience; however, none of us will really know until we have the experience of death.

As a Medium, I can connect with those who are not among the living, and I was very willing to do this for my new friend. I simply asked for a recent picture and the name of the person who recently died and sat in meditation on this bit of information. This experience was a bit different for me and I wanted to share it with others. I will call this person who passed on by “Jeff”, which is not their real name. When I first connected to Jeff there…



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