The Ultimate Conversation: An Extraordinary Story

Robert Mazak
8 min readFeb 24

This story is about a truly amazing experience that I had with one of my clients a few days ago. There are those very rare and extraordinary experiences that are just too great not to share with others so that they can also learn and grow from this type of event.

One of the metaphysical skills that I have learned to master over the years, is the ability to communicate with others’ higher consciousness, no matter what the distance is between me and them. This is an activity that I have had all my life but did not completely understand, and without proper mentoring, found myself very frightened by the outcomes. When I was in my early 20s, I tried communicating with a young lady across a crowded bar one night, which did work, but too well. This young lady started staring at me everywhere I went in the club that night, and this started directly after “sending” sweet nothings telepathically to her. I might not have been so afraid had it not been for the really large man that she was at the bar with; I was just a scrawny-sized Marine back then. As you can imagine, I got so worried about this astounding outcome, while not understanding exactly what I was doing, that I quit doing this activity for many years. I once again started using this again during the self-development part of my life in my 50s.

This is not anything difficult to do; there was even some whisper technique going around social media that is similar to the way I communicate to people at this high level. Basically, this is done in a type of meditative state, placing the person in front of you in your mind’s eye. Once I am face-to-face with the target person, I ask for their higher consciousness to lift up and over their body. I then began to have a telepathic conversation with the part of this person that they do not necessarily have conscious control of, likely the subconscious part of their mind. In this way, you can have those tough conversations with people that may be difficult in person. In my life, I have tried to have those tough conversations with people, only to find the conscious part of us getting in the way of truly communicating. This is not a technique that should be used for negative communication; I feel that I have always been able to keep this skill set because I have only used it for good things.

Robert Mazak

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